OET is an international English Language test which is used to evaluate English proficiency of the healthcare professionals who wish to work in Australia, New Zealand and some other nations. You may give the test in all the cities of Australia and in several locations all around the world.

We provide Coaching OET for Nurses and OET for Dentist. The professionals who clear the OET examination have several nice options to explore their professional career growth.

OET Course

The OET course has been developed and taught by a lecturer in the nursing department of an Australian University. The purpose of this course is to help students prepare for the OET. This course is also suitable for students who would like to study nursing or medical English.

Like the IELTS test, the OET consists of 4 bands; Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening. However, unlike IELTS, all topics within the OET are about medical related issues; this is very different from IELTS.

An example of this can be easily shown in the speaking section. In the speaking section of the OET, students are usually asked to be a nurse in two role plays during the test. Just like the real test, students in the course do the role plays in the classroom to become accustomed to the real OET test situation. It is, of course, for the students’ benefit that the teacher usually teaches what one should say in each role play, so the course is very practical for medical professions